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During my conference, I will share with you my journey and the challenges I had to face to overcome my chronic pain. From traditional medicine to alternative practices, changes and decisions made along the way, I will share with you the steps that led me to my healing, so that you can start your healing!

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Guy has always been passionate in life. At a young age, he realized his dream of serving his country and joined the Forces. He was an F-18 technician specialized in armament from 1988 to 2001, which was a demanding occupation involving lifting and handling heavy loads on a daily basis. His hard work and dream led to Guy having health issues—22 years of constant chronic pain. In 2001, he obtained a discharge from the Canadian Armed Forces due to injuries. Unfortunately, he had to take early retirement in 2016, at the age of 48, being no longer functional due to intense and ubiquitous pain. 


Between 2001 and 2016, Guy tried traditional medicine and followed the path drawn by the health system. The results were disappointing and the prognosis discouraging, especially for Guy, a once very active, dynamic and energetic man.

His determination and resilience led him on the path to self-healing! Guy will candidly tell you his story and will share his journey strewn with failed attempts and endless pain. There is hope however in his message. This is what he ultimately wants to convey in his conference. He will reveal his discoveries, his means and the secret of his incredible miracle: his cure!


Guy, a positive, resilient and determined man, sees himself as a merchant of happiness! He wants to share his discoveries because he recognizes that too many people are suffering and that there is a great lack of knowledge about chronic pain.


Come live the experience in a relaxed and humorous atmosphere! You will undoubtedly leave the conference with possible solutions for your recovery.


Keep in mind that there is hope even for those who are on the verge of despair. Guy is the proof!

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